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What Is Party Artistry?

As you may already know, our firm has been creating and coordinating unique special events for over 47 years. We are an award winning  full-service event planning company with a strong background in production and  design. In 1973, we realized the growing need for professionals to handle all details of a special event. From destination management, space location, and entertainment, to dramatic floral and room design, Party Artistry becomes the single point of contact for all components that go into your affair.

In addition to our offices in Manhattan and New Jersey, we are proudly serving Palm Beach County as well. 

We look forward to creating your next spectacular  event."

Tracy Davis-Fox
President & Creative Director

Corporate Clients

- Americares
- Bank of Paris
- Brooklyn Hospital
- Chase Manhattan
- Club Med
- Ford Motors
- General Electric
- Christie Administration
- Johnson and Johnson
- Mazda
- McGraw Hill

- Merck Pharmaceuticals

- The New York City Ballet
- Ogilvy and Mather
- The Philadelphia Orchestra
- Phillip Morris
- Remax
- The Rockefeller Group
- Schering Plough
- The Starlight Foundation
- Simon and Schuster

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